Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Welcome to my new crew.

My new pals are Ethan and Nolan.
Why do Asian kids wear Baby Gap zip-up hoodies?

You mess with ONE of us, you mess with ALL of us.

and don't mess with our Baby Gap zip-up hoodies...

I think my feet is actually this big.

Try to get past me this time.

I am only 16 mos old, and they are making me do chores already!

Keep it quiet...I took this picture as propaganda to increase my weekly allowance.

I have to do my own hair...sheesh...

I even have to push my own stroller back home. What has this world come to.

I received a lot of support about this hard labor issue. I think its time to re-negotiate my allowance. I am calling Jerry Maguire for help.